Thursday, July 16, 2009

mplayer notes

Mplayer is my favourite media player as it plays nearly every kind of media file and is the most powerful media player I know in terms of functionality (like filters) and flexibility. I also like the UI (command line and a simple window, no stupid controls, everything goes by the keyboard, I hate the GUI's for it). It just happens to have one of the longest manual pages I ever saw too, and it takes some time to find something in there. That's why I'm writing up the options that I happen to find useful, kind of like a filter for the manpage.

Setting aspect radio:
  • -aspect 16:9
  • -aspect 2.3
Setting deinterlancer:
  • -vf pp=lb
Rebuild index for partial videos:
  • -idx
  • -forceidx
Replay media in loops:
  • -loop
  • -loop 0 ## endless loop
  • -loop 5 ## repeat 5 times
Shuffle media:
  • -shuffle
Seek and cut specified position:
  • -ss 10 ## skip the first 10 seconds
  • -ss 1:30:00 ## seek to stream position 1:30:00
  • -endpos 50 ## stop after 50 seconds of playback
  • -endpos 1:40:00 ## stop at stream position 1:40:00
Play sound only (don't play video):
  • -vo null
Here is an example of how to extract only the sound track of a video file from position 0:24 to 1:54:
  • mplayer -vo null -ss 0:24 -endpos 1:32 [input-filename] -ao pcm:file=[out-filename]

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  1. Well, not all GUIs are bad, I like the SMPlayer. Simple, clean and its remindes me of my old MPC days on Windows xD.

    Also very useful is the -cache switch for online streaming things.